Things Non-OTFers Say


As Orangetheory passes 1,000 locations worldwide, it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t have some level of familiarity with the hottest workout in the nation. As we get ready to open the doors of our brand new Orangetheory Fitness studio in Baytowne, NY, we’re excited to join a movement united in Orange—and be one of the insiders.


When you start burning at Orangetheory here in Baytowne, NY, you’re going to be part of something big. We can’t wait to show you exactly how an Orangetheory class works.


Whether you’re a power walker, jogger, runner, strider, or biker, you’ll learn how to calculate your personal base, push, and all out paces with ease. You won’t even have to think twice about strapping into a heart-rate monitor that makes a game out of reaching the correct heart-rate zones for maximum calorie burn. Soon you’ll understand that Orangetheory coaches and fellow members will be some of your biggest fans—and friends.




Orangetheory will awaken you to a new level or energy, focus, and livelihood that will almost make your pre-OTF days seem like a blur. You’ll barely remember some of those things you said about Orangetheory before you got to experience it yourself and gain a full understanding. But you’ll recognize others who haven’t experienced it yet! A few tall-tale giveaway phrases are quick to identify non-OTFers.


Which of these have you said or encountered?


1. Asking someone how their “Orange Therapy” or “Orange Fitness” workout was.

Orangetheory will become such a central part of our lives that it will start to come as a real surprise when someone calls it by the wrong name. We’re Orangetheory, not Orange Therapy, but It’s usually not worth making a big deal over. After all, “therapy” isn’t such a stretch. Our time in the Orange Zone will be our time to conquer stress, fear, and doubt—and we’ll come out of each workout both physically and mentally stronger than before.


2. Asking someone how many “splats” they earned today.

Props to the friends and loved ones supporting an Orangetheory member’s fitness goals and checking in with them to see how their OTF classes are going, but it’s actually “splat points!” One splat point for each minute spent in the orange heart-rate zone, and twelve or more splat points to unlock the after-burn effect and keep burning calories for up to 36 hours! Fun fact: Orangetheory’s logo, the splat itself, was designed to represent a fat cell bursting.


3. “I need to build up my endurance before I can do Orangetheory.”

Once you fall in love with your workout at Orangetheory Baytowne, you’ll likely urge more than one friend or family member to try a class with you. You’ll hear more than one excuse, and the more of them you hear, the better you should feel about having had the will power to sign up, get off the coach, and change your life for the better. The funniest excuses come from people who think they need to get in shape before they start working on their fitness at Orangetheory. Orangetheory is for all levels. No matter your individual level, you’ll be able to take it at your own pace and will see some serious progress as you continue your fitness journey with us.




4. “Drinks tonight?”

Don’t worry, Orangetheory members don’t stop going out and having a good time. But priorities do start to change. Getting a good night’s sleep and crushing that 6:00am workout will trump drinking one too many and staying up hours too late. You’ll naturally become more health-conscious, actively choosing to enjoy life in ways that are healthy for your body. The more strength you build up with Orangetheory, the more you’ll start engaging in other active behaviors, like a 5k race or a kayaking day-trip with friends. After a full, active day like that, bed-time will seem more appealing than partying—and as an added benefit, you’ll wake up fully alert and refreshed the next day, ready to continue enjoying everything life has to offer. You’ll feel very little remorse for turning down a wild night on the town. Everything is a choice. Orangetheory members are in power and in control.


5. Drawing a comparison between Orangetheory and Crossfit.

Not all HIIT workouts are the same. No disrespect to Crossfitters, but we’re very happy that we won’t be jumping up onto boxes as part of our Orangetheory workouts. Orangetheory truly is for all fitness levels and incorporates modifications for varying physical abilities. We focus on science to deliver results, and our coaches will always help us perfect our form to avoid injury.


6. “I can just do my own HIIT workout by myself at my current gym for cheaper.”

There’s very little that compares to the energy of Orangetheory. Everything from the way you’ll be welcomed by the front desk staff to the camaraderie of fellow members, heart-pumping playlists, and personal attention from the coaches will keep you excited to keep going—to keep burning toward your fitness goals at Orangetheory. The full-body workout is different every day, and you’ll have someone telling you exactly what to do so you maximize efficiency and get results in 60 minutes. No guessing if you’re choosing the right routine or executing moves with proper form. No waiting for equipment to free up. Most of us will probably experience some level of price hesitation before we join, but none of us will regret a healthy investment that delivers better quality of life.


7. “I need to lose weight.”

Weight loss is a perfectly admirable goal, and many OTFers do have a target goal weight. The annual Orangetheory Transformation Challenge helps members go “All Out” and take those goals seriously, rewarding members who lose the highest percent of their total body weight. That being said, the longer we’re part of the Orange Nation, the less we’ll focus on weight. We’re going to do what’s right for our bodies. We’re going to gain strength—and confidence! We’re going to learn exactly where we’re supposed to be. All that other stuff, like weight loss, just comes along with the package, but in the grand scheme of things, weight is just a number on a scale.




8. Calling Orangetheory a cult.

This is a fun one! We can understand how it might seem like a cult from the outside. Orangetheory members openly share their addiction to the workout and continuously talk about their amazing Fit Fam. Any time they meet another OTFer, it’s an instant connection and shared point of interest for conversation. Orangetheory members make a point of visiting an Orangetheory studio in every town they travel to, even if they’re just there for one or two nights. They snap selfies wearing their OTF swag and check in on Facebook to humblebrag that they’re at their favorite place with their favorite people again. Soon we’ll be doing it, too. We love that we’re going to be part of the Orange Nation instead of on the outside, looking in.


Ready to get started?

We’re counting down the days until we open! Just a little bit longer until we get to welcome each and every one of you with a huge smile, a high five or a fist bump, and the friendliest Fit Fam you’ll meet. Sure, we may have a laugh at some of the things non-OTFers say and do, but we were all there once. For most Orangetheory members, Orangetheory has been the best decision they’ve ever made. And it’s a decision that’s is now available to everyone in Baytowne as we get ready to open our brand new studio. Sign up today, and we’ll see you in the Orange Zone. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Orange Nation!